The Paradox of Right and Wrong

I am a little confused, can somebody help me out? I believe violence is never the answer. I myself, detest violence. I am not one to anger quickly. People can say anything they like. But I believe in respect or at the very least, non aggressiveness, because defensive people are less likely to listen to you. Words are words to me, they don’t harm me at all, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether I agree or not. Violence to me, is something you only use if you are in immediate, physical danger. Defending yourself or someone else is the only time I find violence acceptable.

So, there’s been a good deal of violence going on lately in America. A lot of it was likely here already, but with the internet and smartphones it is becoming more visible. Some of it seems to be new. Ordinary people who have simply been pushed to their limits, or who are afraid if they don’t act now, everything they value will be lost.

The thing is, although I don’t agree with violence, I do see the point being made. Should people sit back and peacefully allow their lives to be upended, changed, controlled, etc.? What is the threshold for action? When is it too late to act? When is it too early to act? And even if knowing all these, to whom is it acceptable for the actions to be made against? Only specific individuals who have or will harm you? Or to everyone who is connected to the ones who are guilty? Or to simply anyone who is around, if only to make a point? And does violence really make a point at all? And if so, who’s point is being made? Your own point, or is it making the case of those who caused you to become violent in the first place?

As I said, I don’t think violence is the answer. I believe violence only leads to more violence, peace leads to peace. But I also know that sometimes, the peaceful get trampled over, and the ones who do right lose out. It seems to me to be a paradox. So what is right in a situation like this, where we say no violence, yet without fighting we wouldn’t have freedoms or peace? Perhaps there is no right and no wrong. But if so, then nobody is right and nobody is wrong. Or could wrong sometimes be right, and right sometimes wrong? But I feel that right is always right, wrong is always wrong. And violence is wrong. But could I be wrong? If I’m wrong, then what is the measure of right and wrong? When does right cease being right and become wrong, and vice versa?

I am just trying to make sense of the violence because I don’t understand it. At the same time, I do understand it, and I am confused. People shouldn’t be violent. But people also shouldn’t be made to feel threatened enough to become violent. I don’t mean mass murder or school shooting violence, I do not believe anyone could even begin to justify that. I am referring to violence at the political rally’s, more specifically the Trump rallies. It seems to me Trump is nothing, except that with all the publicity that he gets from reactions of his nothingness, we feed the Trump monster. Without us feeding him he would be exactly what he is, nothing. Is feeding the Trump troll with his favorite foods, hate, violence and publicity, necessary to overcoming the Trump troll? Anyone’s thoughts on both sides of the coin are welcome.

2 thoughts on “The Paradox of Right and Wrong

  1. I think it would make a much more powerful statement if protesters at Trump rallies would carry out organized, peaceful protests. What a contrast that would make to the hateful speech and occasional violence going on inside the rallies. When protesters become violent, and especially when they deliberately attack Trump supporters, they are no better than what they are protesting against.


  2. I also feel conflicted about this. For example, here in Portugal, the Revolution that ended the dictatorship was in its principle, violent. Up until now, it seems like the greatest changes in History are the ones that are violent. Being a pacifist I want to preach non-violence to every situation. But when people are being stepped on, their rights are being taken away, I get that it is a violent reaction that is triggered.
    Even though, I would say a non-violent but impactful manifestation would be the ideal way to make a stand. If we could unite everyone in a non-violent way, not attacking a “wrong” side, but reclaiming what is fair and earned, that would be real Revolution.


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