The Night Sky


(Jupiter, Sigma Leonis, and the Moon)

The night sky is fascinating to me. I don’t watch T.V. at night anymore, I’ve taken to watching the stars instead. So much happens overhead while much of the world is settled in for the night. There is a beauty in the sky that you will only see if you wander outside and look up. Meteors go too fast for me to snap a picture, and there’s not enough light for pictures of stars or planets, unless they are bright and near the moon, but I always have my camera ready just in case.


(The Moon and Venus)

If only I had a better camera than my cell phone, I would never go back inside.


(The Moon and Mars)

To think these things are all still there once the sun rises, yet we simply can’t see them, makes me almost wish the sun wouldn’t rise.


(The Moon at sunset )

But of course if the sun didn’t rise, we couldn’t see the beauty that daylight brings.


(Sunrise )

Like the sunrise.



Or rainbows.

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