The Night Sky


(Jupiter, Sigma Leonis, and the Moon)

The night sky is fascinating to me. I don’t watch T.V. at night anymore, I’ve taken to watching the stars instead. So much happens overhead while much of the world is settled in for the night. There is a beauty in the sky that you will only see if you wander outside and look up. Meteors go too fast for me to snap a picture, and there’s not enough light for pictures of stars or planets, unless they are bright and near the moon, but I always have my camera ready just in case.


(The Moon and Venus)

If only I had a better camera than my cell phone, I would never go back inside.


(The Moon and Mars)

To think these things are all still there once the sun rises, yet we simply can’t see them, makes me almost wish the sun wouldn’t rise.


(The Moon at sunset )

But of course if the sun didn’t rise, we couldn’t see the beauty that daylight brings.


(Sunrise )

Like the sunrise.



Or rainbows.


Teenage Sensitivity

When my boys were little I just knew I had gotten it right having boys. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a woman, I love girls too. But having been a girl I knew that hormones and girls were not always fun. I figured that with my boys I had escaped the mood swings of teenage girls. Life, as always, gets the last laugh. And boy is life laughing.

My boys are good, they listen and behave for the most part. However, if someone had told me teenage boys were just as sensitive as teenage girls, I would have bet my life that it wasn’t so. And so I learned a valuable lesson, ALL teenagers go Jekyll and Hyde, and over hair at that.

If you have curly hair you know what I am talking about. You simply can’t use a brush on it, it has to be a comb or a pick. But if you’re 16 and the pick and comb can’t be found, it is just as big a deal as losing your car keys when you’re already late. After tearing the entire house apart searching, my son came to me in tears, horrified that he would have to use a brush (we don’t even own one). But don’t fear son, Mom knows what to do! Wet your hair and use your fingers… Never in a million years would I have guessed that this would be a situation that I encountered with my boys. Live and learn, boys are just as sensitive as girls. And be glad that it wasn’t a more serious problem, although it was definitely serious to him.

Shared from WordPress

This is shared from Longreads Blog. It’s not something easy to hear, but we need to be told. If we are going to do something about it we must first know about it. I knew about the iPhone but did not know about some of the others listed in the article. This is a long read, but you can’t lose by reading it, you can only gain knowledge. Hopefully you will join me in using this knowledge to end patronage of these products made by modern day slave labor. We cannot sit back and support these things any longer.

Your Phone Was Made By Slaves: A Primer on the Secret Economy –

New Year, New Garden


Winter is leaving, spring is upon us. I am very excited to start my garden again. Last year was my first time planting a vegetable garden so I will be starting this year out with a little more experience. I saved seeds back from what I grew last year, even though seeds aren’t expensive it’s satisfying knowing your hard work will bring a new bounty. My favorite were the cucumbers, we made homemade pickles with them that lasted nearly all winter. What are your favorite garden vegetables? I’d love some advice on new things to plant this year. So far my list includes: Cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, peppers, squash, watermelon, carrots, sugar snap peas, basil, thyme, cilantro, peppermint, and parsley. Also indoors I’ve grown leeks and green onions year round.

Smoke Free!


I gave up smoking 2 weeks ago. I had tried before but always ended up starting again to save my family from the withdrawal emotions. It would have been easier to do if I could have been alone for a few weeks, but this time I found a sure-fire way to quit; quit when you’re sick. It’s not so hard to quit when you simply are too sick to even want to smoke. By the time I was feeling better the urge to smoke had passed. I hope this will help others who also want to quit but have a hard time. It might not work for everyone but it’s worth a try. Don’t stress it, just wait until you’re sick!