Think For Yourselves And Succeed Where Others Fail


Who is to blame for all the violence in America today, the people, the media, or the leaders? Definitely the people who do the violent acts, their guilt is evident. But who is responsible for the people? Ah, the leaders. We can’t always know the effects our words will have on others, but sometimes we can. Hateful words breed hate. A leader should be above hate. When the leaders who are looked up to and relied on for sound judgement, spew words that divide and incite anger, the end result is violence.

Leaders don’t come out and say, “Hurt, oppress, and kill people.” But darned if that’s not what is happening. Leaders (by way of the media) are instilling fear and hate in the people. Did the latest abortion clinic gunmen really think he was saving any lives by taking lives? Were the people at the Donald Trump rally really so threatened by one black man voicing his opinion? Do white supremacists really think they are making America safer by harassing, oppressing, and harming black people? Do Christians really think every Muslim is out to harm them? Do Muslims really think every Christian is against them? Do mass shooters (or anyone for that matter) really think that they have a right to take the lives of people who they don’t like, or disagree with? But these are the impressions being given by the media and our leaders. Words of hatred lead to violence.

People aren’t using their brains. They hear words of division and fall into a state of fear and hatred. Resorting to violence instead of using their minds and thinking for themselves. Don’t let the media tell you how to think. Don’t let leaders with their own agendas influence your decisions. Don’t let other people persuade you to do something against your conscience. If you have to harm another, it is wrong. It is as simple as that. No amount of reasoning will make it right. If violence is your answer, you are the problem.

Now, us regular people need to get our acts together, but our leaders do too. Instead of bickering back and forth over the issues that divide us, leaders should be working together to find acceptable solutions for the benefit of our citizens. Name calling, fear mongering, slander, and straight up hate will solve nothing. In fact it worsens it, and leads to more division and violence. Set an example leaders, be the role models that you should be.

2 thoughts on “Think For Yourselves And Succeed Where Others Fail

  1. This post is beyond amazing, I couldn’t agree more. With so much violence and hatred that is going on these days it is really relieving to read something like this. When these subjects come up, all I hear is messages of hatred and discrimination. We need more of these.


  2. Crowds and leaders will try to lead you to hell if you’ll follow them, so at some point, a person’s own beliefs have to kick in. Do the right thing and voice your opinion and you could cause someone else to do the right thing too. There’s plenty of free will to walk away from a speech about hate and sometimes it takes seeing your friend walk out before you “get it.” Personally, I think the world is in for a reckoning when it comes to hatred. It just seems fitting that one of those irony of life lessons just sprouts up out of nowhere. Sometimes when things get too illogical to keep going on as they are, nature steps in and turns it around.


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