Think For Yourselves And Succeed Where Others Fail


Who is to blame for all the violence in America today, the people, the media, or the leaders? Definitely the people who do the violent acts, their guilt is evident. But who is responsible for the people? Ah, the leaders. We can’t always know the effects our words will have on others, but sometimes we can. Hateful words breed hate. A leader should be above hate. When the leaders who are looked up to and relied on for sound judgement, spew words that divide and incite anger, the end result is violence.

Leaders don’t come out and say, “Hurt, oppress, and kill people.” But darned if that’s not what is happening. Leaders (by way of the media) are instilling fear and hate in the people. Did the latest abortion clinic gunmen really think he was saving any lives by taking lives? Were the people at the Donald Trump rally really so threatened by one black man voicing his opinion? Do white supremacists really think they are making America safer by harassing, oppressing, and harming black people? Do Christians really think every Muslim is out to harm them? Do Muslims really think every Christian is against them? Do mass shooters (or anyone for that matter) really think that they have a right to take the lives of people who they don’t like, or disagree with? But these are the impressions being given by the media and our leaders. Words of hatred lead to violence.

People aren’t using their brains. They hear words of division and fall into a state of fear and hatred. Resorting to violence instead of using their minds and thinking for themselves. Don’t let the media tell you how to think. Don’t let leaders with their own agendas influence your decisions. Don’t let other people persuade you to do something against your conscience. If you have to harm another, it is wrong. It is as simple as that. No amount of reasoning will make it right. If violence is your answer, you are the problem.

Now, us regular people need to get our acts together, but our leaders do too. Instead of bickering back and forth over the issues that divide us, leaders should be working together to find acceptable solutions for the benefit of our citizens. Name calling, fear mongering, slander, and straight up hate will solve nothing. In fact it worsens it, and leads to more division and violence. Set an example leaders, be the role models that you should be.


IDOPAS- International Day of Peace and Safety


What if for one day, just one day, everyone stopped fighting? What if we took a day for nothing but peace and safety? Not a holiday, but a day devoted to the goal that transcends all barriers between us. We all want peace and safety. We don’t all agree on the best way to achieve it, but it is still the end goal.

Enough shootings, enough bombings, enough murders, enough racism, enough war, and enough harm. Just stop. Even if for just one day, for the name of peace. Prove you can conquer it for a day. One day of being peaceful in the name of peace, is greater than all the previous days combined of doing harm in the name of peace. Help each other out. Be kind to strangers. Control your anger, harm no one. Speak only kind words. Do not participate in aggressive actions. From the least of us to the greatest. From leaders to the common person. From soldiers to civilians. In all nations and corners of the Earth, just stop.

You don’t have to love each other. You don’t have to agree with each other. You need only for one day have consideration for each other, in the name of peace. One day to show that we are not so different from each other, that we all share the goal of peace and safety. 364 days a year we have violence and hate, we should set aside for ourselves one day to be a beacon of what we strive for, amidst all the collective failures of the world.

We would do well to live every day like this day. But in a world where no day is like this, we must start somewhere. This day is not for others, it is for ourselves. Each and every one of us. We seek peace and safety, so let us make peace and safety. I name February 3, 2016, as the International Day of Peace and Safety, known henceforth as IDOPAS. Feb. 3, was chosen because it is 2 months from now, giving us all plenty of time to spread the word. So spread the word, everyone, whoever and wherever you are. On Feb. 3, take it upon yourselves to cause no harm, this is your day. If someone harms you, forgive them. If harsh words are spoken, ignore them. Be responsible for you on this day. Don’t put your life in danger, but as much as it is in you to forgive and ignore, do so, and harm no one. Maybe IDOPAS won’t catch on. Maybe it will. One thing is certain, one person will make a difference. Is that person you? Remember your day.

Shadows Of Beauty


A walk through the park in town, one of the few publicly accessible, wooded areas left in my city. We have lots of woods, but in the rural areas, and on privately owned lands.


Much of the city was once wetlands that had been drained and cleared for buildings/farmland. Only wetland ordinances saved the remaining woods and swamp from development.


I don’t know that this particular park was part of the wetlands, but I do know it’s the only free place left downtown where families can view the changing leaves. A land full of beauty diminished to a few acres, a shadow of what it used to be. I just can’t help but imagine what the city would look like if we hadn’t drained, razed, and paved everything? A city full of colors and beauty no doubt.