Thankful For Trees


Thanksgiving is a day of reflection, to give thanks for what we have. In a world of insanity, I have my trees, and I am thankful for them. Thanks for trees? Yes. While spring and summer bring new growth, green grass, leaves, and flowers of all colors; fall brings its own shades of beauty in the dying world.


To me trees represent the beauty of the world. A world without trees is a world without life. A life without beauty (inner beauty) is no life at all. While trees stand rooted and endure storms, droughts, seasons, and stages of life, they remain beautiful throughout it all. Trees don’t care who is sheltered beneath them, or who breathes in the oxygen they produce. They share their life with everyone.


There are beautiful people, just as there are beautiful trees. The people who shine with inner beauty are few and far between. If only they numbered like the trees, how beautiful the world would be year round. Until that day, I have trees, and I am thankful for them. They are a reminder to be strong, and stay rooted no matter what life throws at us. And even when the insanity of the world comes, there is always a new season, bringing forth life from what seemed dead.

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