Fear is at the heart of the world’s problems. Hatred, greed, and violence all have a root in fear. Fear has led people to do unspeakable things all throughout time. Fear of what you don’t understand. Fear of something different. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being exposed. Fear of not being in control. Fear of mediocrity. Fear of loss. Fear of harm. Fear of knowledge. Fear of consequences (real and imagined).

How do we fight an enemy that isn’t always seen? An enemy that exists in all of us? Very carefully. Always use caution in every aspect of life. Caution and fear are not the same. Caution is vigilance. Fear leads people around blindly. Caution preserves them and allows them to clearly and safely assess a situation.

Do not let fear turn us into the very thing we hate. Because if we ourselves can’t overcome it, how can we expect others to? If we see and understand fear for what it is, we should know better than to act in the same way. Fear is a subtle state. Those who in fear partake in acts/words of anger, violence, hatred, greed, do so in ignorance, and use values to justify it. But what value is this? It is the value of fear. But fear is a wanna-be value, isn’t it? And why should we be afraid? The world can do terrible things to us. Surely we can do terrible things to the world. Yet aren’t we the world, and it us?

Fear is counter-productive. Those who are too afraid to climb up out of a hole, will NEVER leave the hole. If doctors were too afraid of catching a disease to handle it to find a cure, what cure would we have? If people had been too afraid to stand up for their rights, what rights would we have? If we are afraid of fear, how will it ever be overcome? With caution, not putting ourselves in dangerous situations, but understanding the difference between acting rightly and acting wrongly. Understanding that all people are not the same. Knowing that it’s unfair to ask those who have been wronged (on all sides) to rise above their pain, but nonetheless the only way to truly heal. And knowing that those who continue to do harm cannot heal. By taking fear and confronting it, proving that it can’t undo you. If fear can undo you then you should be afraid.

Don’t let fear stop you from helping others, being kind, and getting to know others. Terrible things do happen. There are terrible people in the world. There always have been. Don’t let fear of them stop you from doing what is right. Don’t let fear cause you to overreact or make false speculations resulting in actions that harm or hinder another. Acts of kindness change hearts, and minds.


The global issue of terror attacks and refugee resettlement is what is on my mind tonight, but I think the root and endgame of fear can be applied to most situations. My ancestors came here to America, from Russia, fleeing violence and famine. Very many families have come for similar reasons. How quickly we have forgotten the help that we received. It should not even be a question today of whether or not to help refugees in need. If we have to ask the question then fear is with us, and we know the end before it has begun. Don’t let fear undo us. We are a nation, and a world, of many people. If we don’t let fear control us, together we can do great things.

This is a link to a blog by anonymousoutsider, about fear and the importance of teaching our children to understand; and to not let fear define their future, or ours.

5 thoughts on “Fear

  1. I was discussing the Syrian refugee issue with a friend hours ago. Too many times I’ve seen that refugee assistance depends on who or what you are. Black Haitians being persecuted and arriving on our shores were warehoused in a tent city right off the shore. Afterwards, a media campaign began, declaring them all Aids infested. The Florida Governor declared that there was no money in the state to help them and needed to send them back to Haiti. They were sent back even though everyone knew they’d be killed on the spot one they returned. 8-Months later, white Cubans showed up on Florida’s shore and the Florida Governor declared a state of emergency so he could receive federal funding to assist them. Playing racist games with people’s lives is the hallmark of America.

    It’s sad that Syrians had to leave their own region to get help. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Israel are wealthy countries that could afford to assist them but they didn’t. Israel is apparently too shell-shocked with their own internal problems. The mastermind of the Paris attacks posed as a refugee to get into France so concern about terrorists being amongst them is a real concern.

    Any country providing assistance needs to sift through them first. There’s no need to fear refugees but there’s plenty of reasons to fear terrorists hiding among them. Enemies that will commit suicide to attack their target are dangerous and hard to fight. That fight becomes even harder when the enemy is living amongst your friends, family, and neighbors. Too many times, people look to America to solve issues like this instead of looking to the United Nations; who has a duty to resolve refugee issues. Supposed to be a multinational agreement to assist them and weed out the bad guys so that it doesn’t become a burden on any one country. No surprise about the fear mongering mainly from the GOP — George Bush ran the country with his fear campaign.

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    1. Refugee assistance really does seem to depend on who/what you are. Haitian refugees risked much more coming here, and were fleeing a far worse situation. We welcomed the Cubans with open arms (not quite so open, but we nonetheless accepted them, and quickly). Haitians we sent back to be tortured and murdered. And we knew they were being tortured and murdered. You said it perfectly, racist games. People’s lives are not games. Despite the mass of excuses, there is no excuse. And here we are repeating the same mistakes, the Republicans actively leading the charge. I don’t think anyone wants people to just walk in. We do have a responsibility to know who is coming in, and have a reliable screening process, but we can’t exclude people just because they aren’t white, or they aren’t christian. Wake up America. We aren’t a country of white christian people. And we never were. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in God. But I don’t believe God ever said, “See ye only to yourselves and those like you.” The richer countries and the UN definitely need to step up, this is not a situation that any one country can handle on its own, and it needs to be handled. We can’t leave people in refugee camps for life, or in a war zone. And we can’t keep bouncing them around from country to country, hoping someone else will get stuck with them. People deserve better treatment.

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