Colonizing Mars: Where Our Past Influences Our Future


The prospective colonization of Mars is perhaps one of the biggest achievements of humankind. It is the stuff of science fiction fans dreams. But will the colonization of Mars be any different than the past colonizations here on Earth? Until proven otherwise, there are no indigenous lifeforms on Mars, so we will not be destroying anyone’s way of life. But if our treatment of each other has been an indication, it is the lives of human beings we should be concerned about.

The primary colonies will be trained, and hopefully prepared for any situation they may encounter. They will need and depend on each other. However, as more colonies are built, and by different nations, can the subsequent colonists maintain a level of order and civilization? Or will they revert to the Earth ways of discrimination, caste systems, war, and forced labor? 

Traveling to Mars for now, is a one way trip. Once you’re there you’re not coming back. Children will inevitably be born there; new generations who have not seen the horrors that we have made. Perhaps Mars is a chance for human beings to finally do right by all people. But the saying, “once it is forgotten you are doomed to repeat it,” comes to mind.

Assuming the colonists land safely, and survive the harsh environment, it really will be a world made by them. Mars will become what they make it. Let’s hope that the mistakes we have made in our past will not be forgotten. Let our mistakes stand for the new colonists and their subsequent generations to see, so they can travel down a better path, and make a better past for their future.

8 thoughts on “Colonizing Mars: Where Our Past Influences Our Future

  1. It’s interesting that you wrote this piece on the same evening that hacker group “Anonymous” exposed nearly 1,000 members & associates of the largest hate group in America. Anonymous explained that unmasking them was important because they are politicians, law enforcement, school teachers, legal professionals, doctors, business owners, etc. I need not tell you that this group’s members are all white just as they’ve been for the 150 years or so that they’ve haunted America. What this demonstrates, at least to me, is that first of all, racism is gong everywhere white people go. These people are not going to tell anyone that they’re racist, in fact they will conspire to withhold that information to appear “normal” (without extreme hatred) in society. I can guarantee you that at least 50 percent of whites going to Mars are concealing the fact that they’re racist. I’ve said it before directly to Mars One (The group responsible for colonizing Mars) that the colonization will not work. Any non-white individuals colonizing Mars alongside whites are as good as dead. Here is a stark demonstration of how human kind’s technical advancements propel us to the stars but this hatred keeps humanity in the Stone Age.

    Great post by the way.

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    1. Thank you, I’m going to have to check out the news about the Anonymous revelation. It’s stuff like this that proves caution and great oversight are needed for any undertaking involving such potential for abuse, like a permanent colony on another planet. I’m white, and I totally agree with your statements. I need only look around me to see that we are in no position to responsibly begin a new world. The scientist in me can’t wait, I’m excited by the potential knowledge it would bring. The human in me knows that it would work only for a little while before it crumbles. We have to get Earth straight first, then we can focus on new worlds. Apparently though the world wants to move forward with colonizing Mars. I aim to at the very least remind us of our past and present mistakes so that we don’t forget and repeat them; and also of the good that we can do, if only we will do it.

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      1. Wow. Thank you for the links. I knew the kkk was still around but I had no idea their numbers were near 5,000. I wonder how many hold a public or government position? And why do we with all our laws and surveillance not hold them accountable? I suppose now some will be held accountable, but it is a shame it took a hacker group to expose them.


      2. 5,000 is not very much in comparison of our population but in terms of potential violent acts, that number is huge. –Took only 19 terrorists to do damage on 9/11. Don’t know why they get around the law but I assume it’s because they have connections in high places. I have no idea who the politicians are that Anonymous refers to — they say they’ve released a partial list and verifying others …yep, it’s a shame that it takes a hacker group. Some of the things in this world just defies logic; and this group is one of them.

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  2. …by the way, didn’t mean any disrespect or to be offensive with my first comment. I’m just very frustrated with society. I believe that Humanity could be so much further along without people embracing primitive notions and hatred. It’s distracting and counter-productive to the people of this world who want to go forward and push the envelope of discovery. Humanity is tethered by evil. I’m passionate about this topic and tend to get long-winded so hope you understand. Didn’t mean to offend you so if I did, my apologies.

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    1. No need to apologize, what you said is true. I’m very much of the same opinion. That’s one of the reasons I’m concerned about stranding people on another planet, at least at this point in time. We need to have a better foundation for the new civilization to be built on. With so much potential for abuse, it needs to be done right. Also I love long-winded people they keep conversation alive, and often bring a new perspective!

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