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Why are so many lottery retailers buying winning tickets? –

I read this on Quartz. I find it interesting, and true. Having worked at retail stores which sold lottery tickets I know there are tricks. For instance, scratch tickets have numbers on the bottom of the ticket. If you know which particular lottery game has not sold all the winning tickets, and find that that game roll is running low in your lottery ticket machine, the chances of you buying a winning ticket go up. Many hardcore lottery purchasers look at the numbers, and only buy tickets with low numbers, and win. Also they tend to stick to the higher priced tickets, $5, $10, and $20, but rarely $1. As far as computer generated tickets, letting the computer pick your number is often the best way to win. None of these ways are illegal or involve tampering with the machines. Surely there are illegal ways of winning, but they should be found and stopped. The lottery is after all supposed to be a game of method and chance.

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  1. Normally I don’t play scratch-offs but I did it on a whim 2-years ago and won 50-bucks. I tried my luck with it another 15 or 20 times and got nothing but losers so I stopped playing. I figured there was a trick to it — there’s always a trick to it.

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