Star Trek and Everything After


Ah “Star Trek.” I could probably say no more and my feelings would still be conveyed. Humanity at a state of heightened existence. The common cold eradicated. Money non-existent. People working only for the benefit of bettering themselves. The end of war and barbarism on Earth. The acceptance of aliens with strange appearances and strange cultures. It is perhaps the ideal future.

Every “Star Trek” series had its own spin, but the core values were the same. I have spent the past few years watching each series from beginning to end. My viewing is coming to a close and I’m left wondering what can possibly take its place? From Kirk to Picard, Sisko to Janeway, to Archer,  I journeyed with them all, where no one had gone before. There were so many characters and so many adventures, when I thought I had found my favorite, I was wow’d by another show. So in honor of the ideal world I’d like to share my favorites.

Favorite Series: Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Featuring Star Treks first black captain, DS9 was a groundbreaking series. The show paralleled so many real life issues including occupation, religion, race, women’s rights, war, and the almighty profit, to name a few.

Favorite All Time Character: Quark! The Ferangi started out as a money hungry, selfish, and entirely criminal bar owner, but throughout the show he transformed. He became a pivotal character in many story lines, saving the lives of his friends; overcoming (some) of his sexist attitude for the good of his mother, and (sometimes) forgoing profit because it was the right thing to do. He was humorous and lovable despite his flaws.

Favorite Captain: Captain Picard
Captain Picard was just the kind of sensitive, caring man that anyone would be proud to call Captain. No one else could keep Q in check like him. He encouraged his crew and genuinely cared about everyone. And he became a Borg, now that’s dedication, and pretty darn cool.

Favorite Quote:
“I’m a doctor, not a nightlight.”– The Doctor

Favorite Characters from Each Series:
Star Trek Original: Mr. Spock
Star Trek TNG: Geordi La Forge
Star Trek DS9: Quark of course
Star Trek Voyager: The Doctor
Star Trek Enterprise: Phlox

Anything after “Star Trek” will have some mighty big shoes to fill. Some may come close, but I don’t think they could ever take its place. Here’s to you “Star Trek!”

2 thoughts on “Star Trek and Everything After

  1. I’ve heard that people are either Trek fans or Star Wars fans but they can’t be both. Well I’m breaking the rules because I like both series but I sway more towards Star Wars. My 2-favs from Trek are the ship’s replicator and the computer simulation pod. Between those, I could have any and everything I’ve ever wanted. Computer: “I’d like a Ferrari and a glass of scotch!” Yep, that’s gonna be my first request if that type of thing ever makes it to reality.

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    1. I lean more towards Star Trek also, although Star Wars was decent also. I love the replicator idea. The holodeck (although in ways similar to the computer simulation pod) would be another great technology to have as well!


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