The Idea of Utopia and Where Has It Gone?


Once upon a time, there existed an idea, Utopia. Somehow we have forgotten where we wanted to go. The world goes on yet we do not change. We have become stagnant in our drive for a better world. So what steps do we need to take to get ourselves on track? What is necessary to make Utopia?

The appeal of Utopia is paradise for everyone. In paradise needs should be met, safety and health should be assured, not any one person should lack anything. Our world today is based on gain. We all need things. There is plenty in the world, but for most people, acquiring what they need is beyond their means. The problem is not gain in itself, but excessive gain, to the point of hoarding and price gouging, and requiring things from people who have not such things to give. In this way some end up with much, and many end up with little. Perhaps the first step to Utopia is each person taking no more than is reasonable.

Step 1: Abolish Excessive Profit:
Covering costs and paying employees is necessary. People don’t work for free. Materials don’t manufacture themselves. People must be able to save for the future. However, should we not set a cap to excessive profit? Why should a corporation be allowed to gouge customers and accumulate more money than any person, under any circumstance, could ever possibly need?

A house divided will fall. What does this mean? I have a house, hopefully you have one as well. But outside our houses there is a bigger house, the Earth itself. Just look around, the Earth is so divided, we need to unite it so it will stand. Therefore, the second step to Utopia should be to help each other.

Step 2: Help Each Other Don’t Hinder Each Other:
There are laws in certain states making it a crime to feed the homeless. This doesn’t seem particularly helpful. If a person has food (or anything) they would like to freely give logic dictates that this is helpful. Feeding a hungry person is not only helpful to the one hungry, but is one less meal the government must provide at a shelter; either saving tax payer money or enabling an extra person to be fed. This is not limited to food. Clothing, used vehicles, furniture, extra school supplies, among many things, can simply be given to people you know, neighbors, friends, strangers, anyone with a need, and at no real loss to you if you have it to spare. Clothing is necessary for a job (most jobs), school supplies are necessary for an education, a vehicle (or at least a reliable way to work) is necessary for a job, food is necessary for health, health is necessary to function properly and to be able to work and go to school. When people lack these things it is a hindrance to being able to get back on their feet. The world should not wait around on the government to take appropriate action. Rather, each and every person who is able to help another should take it upon themselves to do so. And we must say no to laws that hinder a person from being helped, or from rising up above their current situations. This is in the best interest of us all.

I will add more steps another day. I would love to read other people’s steps on how to move the world forward into Utopia, and not backward to the same things we are trying to escape. True discussions involve all sides, but discussion cannot happen unless all sides speak and also hear. All ideas and thoughts are welcome but please keep it civil.

2 thoughts on “The Idea of Utopia and Where Has It Gone?

  1. You’re a good heart.
    I personally have difficulties seeing ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’ however I have this strong conviction that whatever we’d like to change, it can’t be done without changing the media. And now media are based on fear, fake emotions, unhealthy ambitions and lower instincts in general. It does not help a good change. Not only that, it will stop any positive change. Unless we can change the media. It would be my step 1 I guess.

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    1. Thank you. And that’s an excellent step 1, I love it! Personally I don’t see Utopia occurring in our life time. I believe the world can go 1 of 2 ways: completely destroying each other or coming together and finally reaching our potential. In time I think we will see that our survival depends on working together. And media will be instrumental in our understanding. You’re absolutely right we must work to change it. I think the internet is marking the beginning of a shift in how stories are told. We can now read both sides of many stories and judge for ourselves, instead of only reading/hearing a biased account. This can result in negative effects. But we can build on this and use it as a platform for discussion so that we can work to change what needs changing, and to help others understand each other and find common ground, and a peaceful solution. It’s a long road ahead but if we start now we’ll be that much closer.


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